Jordan Tarver

"You Deserve To Discover Yourself"


“I know what it's like to not know who you are." – Jordan Tarver

This week we are joined by writer, photographer, content editor at Forbes, and author of “You Deserve This Sh!t,” (coming out late spring ’21), Jordan Tarver! Jordan’s story starts in a familiar place for many – not knowing who he was, not feeling confident in himself, and starting his career in a small gray cubicle. However, he knew there was more out there for him. In this relatable episode, we dive into Jordans childhood from attending a small Montessori school to making the leap to public school which left him often feeling like an outsider. Who else can relate? It wasn’t until he took a solo backpacking trip to Europe and (with no former writing experience) started a daily journal that he slowly started to understand who he was. This journal was the catalyst of his current career as a writer and editor and became his first book “Moment: To Whom It May Concern.”

Throughout this episode, Jordan shares many tips for discovering yourself which is what his forthcoming book “You Deserve This Sh!t” is all about. You even get to step into the daily journal routine of a professional writer! Jordan shares how he incorporates journaling into his everyday life, how he organizes his journals, and his favorite style of journaling. If you are feeling lost, frustrated with your career path, or just looking to discover yourself and become the best version of YOU then this episode and Jordan’s upcoming book “You Deserve This Sh!t” is for you!

It’s important to embody that playfulness of a beginner no matter where you’re at in your journey.” – Jordan Tarver


Jordan Tarver



  1. What can you not live without right now? My house.
  2. What do you do first thing when you wake up? Journal.
  3. Is there a book or author that has most influenced you? Compound Effect.
  4. What’s one piece of advice for change? If there’s a transition in your life that is happening very fluidly in your life without resistance, it’s meant to happen. Be open to that transition.