Rebecca Walker + Lily Diamond

"You are the Author of Your Life"


“I think that supporting and encouraging one to look away in order to look in, is really what the book does best." – Rebecca Walker

We feel so grateful and excited to be joined by two powerhouse women: Rebecca Walker + Lily Diamond. Rebecca is a best selling author who Time Magazine named one of the most influential leaders of her generation, and Lily who was previously a yoga & meditation teacher is a speaker and author of the cookbook ‘Kale & Carmel,’ and together they are the authors of the new book ‘What’s Your Story Now.’ ‘What’s Your Story Now’ is a journal created to help you break free of old self limiting beliefs and narratives and supports you in writing new ones.

Throughout this episode we dive deep into the intention behind creating the book, and how they hope this book will help support and change the lives of everyone who picks it up. Getting to our own truth and our own hurt so we can shift to greater connectedness and helping people find a new voice and a new way of speaking with compassion are two of the many ideas that are poured into this book. Not only do we get to know a lot about their work together, but we also get to learn a lot about how their friendship and working relationship came to be. Hear Lily who was once Rebecca’s writing student tell Rebecca for the first time the story of when they first connected. Both women share stories they have never shared before in this episode and trust us when we say we could listen to them talk all day long! You don’t want to miss this episode.

My intention with my writing and my work always is to tell stories that help people feel more deeply, so that they cannot help but feel more connected to each other.” – Lily Diamond


Rebecca Walker + Lily Diamond




  1. What gives you strength? L: Connection. R: Mental peace and equanimity, a release of conceptual ideation, a constant return to clear mind that is free of words and thoughts and ideas, returning to the vastness of mind.
  2. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? R – I usually reach out and touch my wife in some way just to connect. L – I’m either still entrenched in dream space and kind of processing or I wake and I’m fully in my body and I’m kind of doing a body scan and if I can remember to, I’ll take a breath and try to cultivate what sort of experience I want for my day.
  3. What is something you cannot live without? L- I love my tongue scraper so much R – I’m completely obsessed with this amazing cold stone.
  4. When faith is gone, you have faith in… R – Love; in the human tendency towards doing the right thing. L – Myself.