Shannon Algeo

"Trusting Your TRUTH"


“I understand why people spiritually bypass. It can be hard to be human. But the spiritual path is the bravery of being human – it’s the courage to be both human and spiritual. We are both." – Shannon Algeo

This week we have the pleasure of welcoming back Shannon Algeo to DENtalks podcast! Shannon is a life coach, motivational speaker, yoga/meditation teacher and host of the popular SoulFeed podcast. If you haven’t listened to any of his other episodes with us, make sure to check them out too! In this episode, we’re very excited to talk to Shannon about his new book, “Trust Your Truth,” which serves as a guide for finding your life’s purpose and healing self-doubt.

We talk about how Shannon’s recovery from codependency became a huge inspiration for his book and how important it is to look internally to find your truth. For those who find their emotions consistently manipulated by the tumultuous world we live in, Shannon talks to us about how you can find your center even when triggered. We also talk about the kinds of questions we are asking ourselves and how to bring these unconscious thoughts to the surface to reclaim your power and direct your energy where you want it to go.

Join us after the episode, where Shannon will lead us into a meditation from his book! We feel so grateful that Shannon shared the first meditation from his Trust Your Truth Guided Meditation Album (8 meditations, one for each chapter) with us for this episode! You can get the other 7 meditations with the purchase of Trust Your Truth.

“The concept of interdependence is that we need each other and can consciously dance between our collaboration with the people we love, but also our ability to take a step away and be in charge of our own energy fields.” – Shannon Algeo


Shannon Algeo