Nichol Bradford

"Transformative Tech & Wellness"


“One of the great works of our time is how do we do the work in the world without becoming attached to the identity of doing the work in the world?" – Nichol Bradford

This week Nichol Bradford, CEO & Founder of the Willow Group and the Executive Director and co-founder of the Transformative Technology Lab, joins us for a discussion on technology and human potential. If you’re wondering what technology possibly has to do with meditation, then this episode will be sure to enlighten you!

Years ago, Nichol worked as CEO in the major gaming industry when she decided to spend her four weeks off at a vipassana meditation retreat in Japan. By the end of it, she walked out feeling deeply connected and asking herself how she could use her experience with technology to bridge a gap and make meditation and mental balance more accessible for all. With a surge of fearlessness, she moved to San Francisco, “the intersection of consciousness and tech,” and started working with other neuroscientists and wellbeing tech innovators who were studying the brain and the bio-states of people who were in these states. As they developed this research, they’ve been able to see why different techniques are important for each individual and how they can use technology to help people heal, grow, and prosper, both mentally and psychologically. We are so thrilled to have Nichol here to teach us all about her work, and we know you’ll be excited to learn about it too!

I have a thing I call the Golden Thread. If I were to situate it in my body I’d say it’s between my hips. And it feels like a line that I’m following and I call it the golden thread because it feels like I’m being pulled, from between my hips, forward. And I think I’m involved in a lot of different things, but I think they’re all unifying and I don’t know how.” – Nicol Bradford


Nicol Bradford

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