Thom Knoles

"Don’t Worry You’re Happy"


“The whole point of meditation is to experience your deep inner self, which is a vast field of creative intelligence." – Thom Knoles

Thom Knoles, a Maharishi of Vedic Meditation, celebrated speaker and thought-leader, joins us on DENtalks! Personally mentored by Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Thom has personally taught over 40,000 students so far over his lifetime. Among his many accomplishments, he has founded a Vedic university in the Himalayas, co-founded a meditation-inspired private high school in Australia, and played a key role in a meditation-for-peace project in the Philippines that was responsible for driving 60,000 new meditators in Manila. Thom is a pre-eminent master and we take advantage of having him on the podcast by getting into all of the big questions about life and happiness. We discuss how we all have a cosmic field of creative intelligence inside of us, how we can understand our individuality in the context of our connection with the greater universe, the evolution of our own cognition, and more. You won’t want to miss his amazing philosophy lecture — plus, stick around for an extra special personal practice in which Thom leaves us with a brief and beautiful Sanskrit song.

“You’re not going to find happiness out there because it’s not out there. It’s inside you.” – Thom Knoles



  • MEDITATION: Sanskrit Song


  1. Favorite Book: Mahabharata (Ramesh Menon translation)
  2. Spiritual Teacher: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  3. Favorite Movie: Contact
  4. Helpful Tip for Meditation: Don’t be afraid to start wherever you start. Then, as you progress, you should find a personal instructor who can take you from A to Z really fast.

Life Advice: Stop waiting. Transcend where you are, step beyond what you are experiencing, and go where you are not. Embrace the unknown enthusiastically.


  1. Inspirational Teacher 
    Martin Luther King 
  2. Favorite Documentary or Movie
    What Dreams May Come
  3. Current Obsession 
    Omad Lifestyle
  4. Food, Drink, or Object you can’t live without 
    Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Type of Meditation you rely on most?
    Psychic Meditation which is energy tools, visual meditation which is also her personal practice
  2. Helpful tip for valuable meditation?
    Focus on your breath, take the pressure off yourself that you have to do it right. Keep showing up and try different meditation to find what works for you.
  3. Self-Care Hack? 
    I make sure to clear everyone out of my space every night and get out into nature. I clear people’s energy by creating a bubble out infront of you, putting everyone from the day in that bubble, and then blow up the bubble. This gives the person their energy back.
  4. If you could give any piece of life advice what would it be?
    If you don’t like how things are going, believe that you can change your perception and everything else will change.