LaRayia Gaston

"The Lost Art of Giving A F*ck"


“I don’t want to fall in love, I want to rise in it." – LaRayia Gaston

We are welcoming back Activist, Documentary Filmmaker, and Founder of the Nonprofit, Lunch On Me, LaRayia Gaston, to DENtalks! We have been lucky enough to have LaRayia on the podcast a couple times (see her previous episodes below) and each time we leave even more blown away than the last.

LaRayia just released her book “Love without Reason: The Lost Art of Giving a F*ck” in which she shares inspiring and actionable guidance to help us connect with our hearts, reawaken out innate desire to make a difference, and then make that difference in a way that not only helps others but also nourishes our own joy. Let’s just say, LaRayia is the real deal. She brings kindness, generosity and love everyday to a world in need. In this episode, we discuss how love is a choice, how to be intentional with love, the wisdom she had since she was a child, her experience living homeless for 6 weeks, and her hope for humanity. Tal even shares how some of the lessons she’s learned from LaRayia have shaped her own life. You don’t want to miss this powerful episode.

“Even as a child I always thought how people were showing up was a choice.” – LaRayia Gaston


LaRayia Gaston

Lunch On Me


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