Scott Tusa

"To Monk or Not To Monk"


“We are valuable as human beings just by being born.” – Scott Tusa

Former buddhist monk, Scott Tusa, joins us on DENtalks Podcast for a very candid conversation about the dynamics of becoming a monk at age 28 and his decision to hang up his robes. His modern take on the ancient religion is refreshing and relatable as he discusses what drew him to Buddhism, the principles of Buddha Nature and the practicality of Dukkah. He sheds light on the struggles of being a monastic monk in modern society, how isolation eventually caught up to him and how he was tired of feeling like a glass wall was up in friendships and relationships. Scott’s story is incredibly inspiring and you will leave this episode with a new understanding and appreciation of Buddhism.
“The spiritual path is an inner path. What we do on the outside should be a reflection of the inside – not vice versa.” – Scott Tusa



  • Working Skillfully with Emotions