Jeroen de Wit

"Past Lives, Aliens, The Universe and More!"


In my work I try to midwife myself and others into more authenticity.” – Jeroen de Wit

This week we are so excited to sit down with one of our very own DEN teachers, Jeroen de Wit! Jeroen studied under Dolores Cannon, the founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and author of a number of famous metaphysical books and hosts Past Life Regression Workshops regularly with us on DENanywhere. In this episode we go deep into all things “woo woo” such as you guessed it – Past Lives, Aliens, The Universe, and more! Jeroen shares with us many of his most memorable Past Life Regression sessions, how Past Life Regressions work, how many of us are galactic beings who were sent here to reincarnate on earth to help raise the vibration of the planet, how we are all multidimensional beings, and more. It is a fascinating conversation that is sure to make you question everything…

“We choose lifetimes where we experience contrast, or things that aren’t aligned with who we really are like abuse or neglect etc to feel what it’s like to be not aligned with your true essence and to learn compassion. Then find your way back to yourself” – Jeroen de Wit


Jeroen de Wit


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  1. Who’s your inspirational teacher? Amber Watner and Michael Beckwith.
  2. Type of Meditation do you rely on most? Dragon meditation
  3. What’s your current obsession? Los Angeles National Forest
  4. Favorite Practice? “Joy for Fucks Sake”