Emily Morse

"Pandemic Sexy Time"


“It’s a very meditative practice to discover your own pleasure, your own body." – Emily Morse

We are SO excited to have sex therapist and host of Sex With Emily, Emily Morse, back on DENtalks Podcast to talk to us all about sex during the pandemic. We cover it all in this episode from discussing the vulva as a spiritual presence, societal shame around sex, how Emily encourages women to be in charge of their orgasms, how to understand pleasure, her advice for healing sexual trauma, and the importance of getting to know your body.

So many of us no matter the gender struggle with body image issues and not feeling comfortable or confident during sex. But lucky for us, Emily walks us through many ways to get to know yourself more and understand how your body functions. We also dive into how the pandemic has changed peoples sex and dating lives. Emily shares that with the general slow down the pandemic has caused, she is seeing a positive shift moving towards courtship and building real relationships. So whether you are looking for some sex tips or are curious about healing your sexual trauma – this episode is for you!

“Mindful masturbation for me is a game changer.” – Emily Morse


Emily Morse