DENtalks, a podcast led by The DEN Meditation Founder Tal Rabinowitz, is an honest and intimate conversation with guests from all walks of life whom, by discovering their authentic selves, have unlocked their true life potential. All episodes include a 4-YOU section (Q&A with 4 helpful takeaways) as well as a PERSONAL PRACTICE (5-10 min meditation or activity) for you to reflect on. Their journeys are here to inspire you to realize your own incredible power.

When you can tap into who you are, life starts working for you. This is what The DEN Meditation is all about, and what you’ll find with DENtalks Podcast.

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Don’t Worry You’re Happy


Thom is a pre-eminent master and we take advantage of having him on the podcast by getting into all of the big questions about life and happiness. We discuss how we all have a cosmic field of creative intelligence inside of us, how we can understand our individuality in the context of our connection with the greater universe, the evolution of our own cognition, and more. You won’t want to miss his amazing philosophy lecture – plus, stick around for an extra special personal practice in which Thom leaves us with a brief and beautiful Sanskrit song.

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A Conscious Convo on Love


Today we have relationship guru & New York Times bestselling author – Katherine Woodward Thomas is the woman behind the book “Conscious Uncoupling” – made famous by the divorce of none other than Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Katherine was single and with just 8 months to her 42nd birthday, Katherine committed to being engaged by 42. Her success prompted her to share the power of manifestation in her acclaimed book, “Calling in the One.”

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Blurring the Religious Borders


Rabbi Wolpe has been named the most influential rabbi in America by Newsweek, and one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world by the Jerusalem Post. In this episode, we dive into both finding and losing faith, the difference between religion and spirituality, and the common thread that runs between beliefs around the world. Rabbi Wolpe humbly shares insights and perspectives that stem from both his experience supporting others through death and hardship to his very personal battle with cancer.

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DENtalks Live: Marianne Williamson


In this one of a kind conversation, Marianne Williamson sits with Tal to share wisdom on everything from pushing past our egos, to our handling relationships with others, and ultimately how to listen to your higher call from God. We dive into today’s current events and political divide, as Marianne gives us a sneak peek at her bid for office to come. Stay tuned for a 20 min deep meditation guided by the legend herself – you won’t want to miss it.

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The Light of The North Star


This week we sit down with the amazing teacher, Light Watkins, to talk serendipity, synchronicity and taking the leaps of faith that require you to build a safety net on the way down. Light is a former model-turned-accomplished author, speaker and Vedic meditation teacher who is a true example of how things will always fall into place exactly how they’re supposed to as long as you have faith in the Universe. Light reminds us all that following your heart will never let you down.

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Through Rosie Colored Glasses


Rosie Acosta gets real about her struggles: from growing up in a one-bedroom apartment with 8 people in East LA, to hearing gunshots in the middle of the night, to experiencing panic attacks by the time she was just 13, it’s been a tough road. But what makes her story truly inspiring is how Rosie changed her life by shifting her perspective – a power we can all tap into (and which she shares in her 5-10 minute Personal Practice). Rosie reminds us that overcoming hardship is the key to understanding and fulfilling your life potential.

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Show Host

Tal Rabinowitz, DENtalks Podcast host

Tal Rabinowitz

Tal Rabinowitz is the Founder and CEO of The DEN Meditation. As a former entertainment industry executive, Tal knows a thing or two about the importance of maintaining perspective, finding clarity, and staying true to one’s heart when it comes to handling a chaotic life. After leaving her career in entertainment, she created The DEN in the hopes of giving people a comfortable, no-pressure environment where they can meditate and learn how to love and accept themselves for who they are.

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