DENtalks, a podcast led by The DEN Meditation Founder Tal Rabinowitz, is an honest and intimate conversation with guests from all walks of life whom, by discovering their authentic selves, have unlocked their true life potential. All episodes include a 4-YOU section (Q&A with 4 helpful takeaways) as well as a PERSONAL PRACTICE (5-10 min meditation or activity) for you to reflect on. Their journeys are here to inspire you to realize your own incredible power.

When you can tap into who you are, life starts working for you. This is what The DEN Meditation is all about, and what you’ll find with DENtalks Podcast.

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Friends with the Enemy


Orthodox Rabbi, teacher, and Zionist settler, Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, joins us all the way from Israel. Five years ago, he co-founded “Friends of Roots”, which aims to foster understanding and transformation among Israelis and Palestinians. Rabbi Hanan is doing incredible things to better our world one step at a time. He also touches on the mystic teachings that there are “sparks of truth” everywhere, and his goal is to collect those sparks from people all around the world to create change, and forge a new way of thinking and behaving. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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Elevate Your Energy


The founders of Elevate the Globe, Tara Schulenberg and Britt Deanda, discuss how you can use Kundalini as a foundational base to utilize and shift your energy so it’s focused and channeled to serve you in the best way. Are you feeling stuck in victim mode or run by your emotions? Do you have trouble trusting your intuition and feeling empowered? Find out how you can use the power of your mindset in conjunction with energy healing to get out of low frequency patterns and move in the direction you want to go in!

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Step Into Your Power


Once deep in the corporate world, international meditation teacher and bestselling author, Davidji, sat down with us this week to discuss all things spirituality! Davidji shares with us his own spiritual journey, which was sprinkled with what he refers to as “butterfly moments”, and sparked by a powerful pattern interrupt which began a life changing awakening. Davidji dives into the belief that all things are predetermined, but as he explains even in that belief lies the freedom of choice.

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Healing with Mama Medicine


Seeress and healer, Deborah Hanekamp – aka Mama Medicine – shares with us her healing journey, how she is still finding the balance of business and spirituality, her favorite ritual baths, and how she sees energy through aura colors – we even talk about what can affect your aura like sleeping with multiple partners or addiction. Trust us, this is not your average aura talk!

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Going Beyond The Pill


Women’s health and hormone guru, Dr. Jolene Brighten, is a naturopathic medical doctor, biochemist, leading expert in post-birth control syndrome, and author of the new book “Beyond The Pill.” We explore all things women’s health and talk spirituality, science, and real health talk. Dr. Brighten brings a personable and humorous light to women’s health, making it so relatable and digestible for us all!

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We’re All Trying To Figure It Out


Mystical human and founder of The Moon Deck, Aarona Lea, grew up as a sensitive child fascinated by religion, God, and spirituality. We discuss the ways in which she relates to religion now and the power that prayer, ritual, and intention holds in her life today. She really opens up about her 10 year struggle with bulimia and how her saving grace was 12 step, yoga, and deep prayer – she even walks us through her daily prayer and gives tips about where to begin.

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Tal Rabinowitz, DENtalks Podcast host

Tal Rabinowitz

Tal Rabinowitz is the Founder and CEO of The DEN Meditation. As a former entertainment industry executive, Tal knows a thing or two about the importance of maintaining perspective, finding clarity, and staying true to one’s heart when it comes to handling a chaotic life. After leaving her career in entertainment, she created The DEN in the hopes of giving people a comfortable, no-pressure environment where they can meditate and learn how to love and accept themselves for who they are.

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