Juliet Obodo

"Out With The Old, In With The New"


“The good news is with neuroplasticity, you can change. You can teach an old dog new tricks. It’s just a little more difficult because the wiring is stronger, but you can rewire your brain and you can rewire your instincts and your intuition and your bodily reaction." – Juliet Obodo

This week we are thrilled to welcome Juliet Obodo, master hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic practitioner and founder of FWRD Institute. In this episode we’ll focus on how Juliet works to help treat, transform and heal trauma to lead her clients to success. But how does she do it?! We know how powerful the mind is, and how many of our thought patterns and beliefs are ingrained even before we learn to talk. The great news is, we can also reprogram those neural pathways and create news ones at a much higher success rate using hypnosis.

Juliet also talks to us about things we can do on our own in everyday life to shift our perspective and get out of the daily rut of anxiety or frustration to a perspective of optimism and trust. If you are someone struggling in the process of creating or growing a business, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! Juliet’s business FWRD Institute is ALL about using hypnosis to help leaders and entrepreneurs get to the root of their fears to change their belief system and find the identity they want to take on for their business to succeed.

“Take care of what you expose yourself to. Don’t look at the phone as soon as you wake up, take time to talk to yourself. Ask yourself how you’re feeling, what do you need. What do I need today? What would I like to feel today? What would I like to happen today? And ruminate on the possibilities of something good happening and then when you do need to maintain awareness, like check Apple News once a week. If it’s a national emergency you’ll know, but doom scrolling is not the wave.” – Juliet Odobo


Juliet Odobo




  1. What is one thing you cannot live without during the pandemic? My cacao.
  2. If there’s one book or documentary or teacher that resonates the most with you, who or what would that be? Bob Proctor.
  3. What is your morning routine? When I wake up, it sometimes changes because it depends I guess on my cycle, the moon cycle, but it’s either I stay in and I write, or I read if it’s just to clear my head if I have a lot on my mind. But I’m very careful about what I consume in the early hours, I don’t hop onto social media until like 2pm every day.
  4. If the pandemic was over tomorrow, quarantine lifted, where would you go? I would go to Paris because there is this energy that has been pushing me there.