Nina Endrst

"Owning Your Fire"


“I’m trying to embrace the fire in me because I’m an Aries through and through, but I don’t want to burn the fucking house down like I used to.” – Nina Endrst

Prominent yoga + meditation teacher, Nina Endrst, joins DENtalks today! Nina is an open book. She shares how she has dealt with deep trauma, anger, and learned self acceptance. How her own chronic health issues and childhood trauma promoted her career change, which ultimately led her to deepen her practice and begin to teach. For anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed by your past, this episode is for you! Nina is a beautiful example of being empowered by your past – not letting it define you.
“When it comes to trauma; I get you, I’ve been there, we’re human. It does not mean that you will never be whole again, because you were never broken.” – Nina Endrst



  • Chakra Meditation from Root to Crown


Nina’s Tips

  • Journaling as a go to for everything
  • Palo Santo to clean and cleanse the house
  • Tip for great meditation: Legs up the wall or shavasana on your belly


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