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A lot of people got into hobbies in quarantine and I didn’t have that luxury.” – Boye Fajinmi

This week we’re sitting down with Boye Fajinmi who is the Co-Founder & President of TheFutureParty, a community-based media brand that NVE Experience Agency acquired in 2018. This is a great conversation about being an entrepreneur, starting a business, learning how to pivot, and how to best serve your community. Boye who was born in Nigeria, has always had big ambitions, so he moved from Ohio to Los Angeles to live the “American Dream.” He has always had a passion for media, content, music, and film so he quickly found himself working at companies like Paramount Pictures and WME, but he wanted more. Being a creative, he was craving telling stories on his own terms and wanted to bring together a community of like minded individuals who were all as driven and ambitious as he was – so TheFutureParty was born!

Hear Boye tell the story of how TheFutureParty came to be from early days of throwing parties to being acquired in 2018 and turning into the media beast it is today. Community is everything for Boye, and he shares the philosophy momentum that he lives by, his thoughts on Millennials and Gen Z, and the generational shifts of fulfillment happening as we speak. We round out this episode with a very important and timely conversation on race and Boye shares very openly about his experiences being a Black man in America and business. Be sure to stay to the end of the episode as Boye reads his favorite Bible verse.

I believe the definition of success is freedom.”Momentum is growth at the end of the day.” – Boye Fajinmi


Boye Fajinmi


  1. What is one book that has influenced you? “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacisn.
  2.  What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? Often times I get right to work, but I try to pray and read before I attack the day.
  3. Is there something you can’t live without? Faith.
  4. One piece of life advice? Make sure you learn, learn from the people around you and learn from the information that’s successful to you. It’s all there. Then apply that learning.