Sophia Knapp

"Let’s Talk Tarot!"


"Being a tarot reader is a spiritual practice." – Sophia Knapp

We are joined today by The DEN’s Tarot Expert, Sophia Knapp, to dive into all things Tarot! Sophia is a Los Angeles based artist, mystic, musician, song writer, clairvoyant, and master Tarot reader who (lucky for us) teaches a weekly class called Tarot Visioning every Thursday @ 5pm PST online at DENanywhere.com.

In this episode, we get to know a bit about Sophia’s roots, from reading astrology books in middle school, to having powerful clairvoyant knowings as a child, Sophia has always had a knack for all things mystical. She is a self taught / studied Tarot master and shares how she learned to read, some of her favorite Tarot resources, and she even does a powerful reading for us live on the podcast! This episode is so much fun, we hope you enjoy it.

“The Tarot is real talk, which is what I love about it. It does not sugar coat things.” – Sophia Knapp


Sophia Knapp

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