Jordana Brewster

"The Hardest Role: Motherhood"


“The business could never be as tough on me as I am on myself. Which is another reason I need meditation.” – Jordana Brewster

DENtalks Podcast welcomes actress Jordana Brewster for a candid conversation about motherhood, the pressures of Hollywood, and how meditation has helped her move through her anxiety. The mother of two, and star of Lethal Weapon and The Fast and Furious movie series, digs deep into how finding a spiritual practice helped her quiet her thoughts and helped her navigate her career. She speaks honestly about how parenting threw her off her practice and yet became the biggest reminder of how essential it is to hers and her kids daily balance. Now she is employing a conscious approach to parenting and talks to us all about what she is learning in the process and gives us useful tidbits on how to process anxiety in general.
“Mediation to me is letting the dog off the leash for 20 minutes.” – Jordana Brewster



  • By Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha


Favorite Books

Inspirational Teachers

Journal or Daily Practice?

  • Gratitude list: She has a text chain with two girlfriends where they listed 5 things they are grateful for every day

First thing she does when she wakes up?

  • Run, also try to make a mental note of everything she’s grateful for