Erin Claire Jones

"Human Design: Roadmap of Your Life"


“Human Design is about 'this is your wiring' and it’s up to you to leverage it and get into alignment with it.” – Erin Claire Jones

We’re so happy to have Human Design Guide, Erin Claire Jones, on the podcast to kick off the New Year with a deep dive into Human Design! If you haven’t heard of Human Design before then you’re in for a treat! Human Design is a quantum system that sheds light on your emotional, psychological, and energetic makeup, giving you the self-awareness and tools to align with your nature and step into your highest potential in every area of your life including career, partnerships, and relationships. It is calculated using your birth date, time of birth, and location of birth – which is similar to your natal chart, but the similarities end there. Erin describes Human Design as understanding your wiring or operating system and how you make decisions. It’s really cool stuff! We will dive into all this and more as Erin walks us through the 5 Human Design types – Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors, how she uses Human Design in a business setting, how to build a team using Human Design, the diverse characteristics of each type, how the different types can work together, and how you can use the information provided by your Human Design type to help you navigate life. By the end of this episode you’re going to be dying to get your chart read and you’re in luck!

Erin is offering a special discount to our listeners! Use code DEN10 at checkout to receive 10% off Erin’s in depth Blueprint – a 30 page comprehensive guide on how you are uniquely designed. Be sure to stick to the end to hear a beautiful poem by Erin Rose for Erin’s Personal Practice.

“I’m telling people stuff they already know but haven’t given themselves permission to step into.” – Erin Claire Jones



  • From Erin Rose



  1. Inspiration Teacher? Hari who I did my Kundalini Yoga Training with.
  2. Do you remember a book or a moment that shifted your perspective on life? The Surrender Experiment.
  3. What does your daily practice look like? Right now I do Kundalini in the morning and practice Vinyasa or some sort of workout.
  4. If you found an extra $100 in your pocket right now, what would you do with it? I would get a present or experience for someone, something for my mom.


  1. Inspirational Teacher 
    Martin Luther King 
  2. Favorite Documentary or Movie
    What Dreams May Come
  3. Current Obsession 
    Omad Lifestyle
  4. Food, Drink, or Object you can’t live without 
    Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Type of Meditation you rely on most?
    Psychic Meditation which is energy tools, visual meditation which is also her personal practice
  2. Helpful tip for valuable meditation?
    Focus on your breath, take the pressure off yourself that you have to do it right. Keep showing up and try different meditation to find what works for you.
  3. Self-Care Hack? 
    I make sure to clear everyone out of my space every night and get out into nature. I clear people’s energy by creating a bubble out infront of you, putting everyone from the day in that bubble, and then blow up the bubble. This gives the person their energy back.
  4. If you could give any piece of life advice what would it be?
    If you don’t like how things are going, believe that you can change your perception and everything else will change.