Felicia Tomasko

"Finding Hope in Dark Times"


“We have to be able to find stillness amidst the rushed insanity of everything happening all at once. The answer isn’t turning it off, but increasing our capacity to make it through.” – Felicia Tomasko

We are delighted to have Editor in Chief of La Yoga and Yoga Glow teacher, Felicia Tomasko, on DENtalks Podcast today! If you’re struggling to integrate your practice with your everyday life – this episode is for you! Felicia is so honest about her own personal struggles throughout the years from growing up in a religious family, finding yoga and meditation as a young girl, becoming a nurse and then finally moving to Los Angeles where she ended up as Editor in Chief of LA Yoga. How does she balance a high pressure job while being a yogi? Well, we touch a lot on the idea of increasing our capacity through yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic practices to help us stay grounded and balance the two worlds, which in fact Felicia argues shouldn’t have to be separate. She believes we must all integrate our practices into our everyday lives and has many helpful tips on how you can do this too. She is so honest about her personal experiences with grief, how she believes faith is a muscle, and how there are some things in life that have no answers – it’s all a part of being human. Don’t miss her Personal Practice where she guides us through a meditation that will help you tune in to compassion.

“I believe there is an immense power in positive peer pressure.” – Felicia Tomasko



  • How to Tune in to Compassion


  1. What’s the type of meditation you rely on most? Mantra Meditation
  2. What’s a helpful tip for a valuable meditation? To approach it that a successful meditation doesn’t look like any specific thing. We can have a successful meditation even if we’re restless or if our mind wanders. Anything that happens when you’re meditating is part of the meditation.
  3. What’s a food, drink, or object you rely on most? Salad, greens, and green foods.
  4. What’s your favorite self care hack? Seeing self care not as an additional item on my list, but to incorporate and integrate it in really small ways throughout my day. This can be as simple as packing snacks if I am away from home for a while, or a 30 second dry brush and moisturize since that is what I have time for.


  1. Inspirational Teacher 
    Martin Luther King 
  2. Favorite Documentary or Movie
    What Dreams May Come
  3. Current Obsession 
    Omad Lifestyle
  4. Food, Drink, or Object you can’t live without 
    Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Type of Meditation you rely on most?
    Psychic Meditation which is energy tools, visual meditation which is also her personal practice
  2. Helpful tip for valuable meditation?
    Focus on your breath, take the pressure off yourself that you have to do it right. Keep showing up and try different meditation to find what works for you.
  3. Self-Care Hack? 
    I make sure to clear everyone out of my space every night and get out into nature. I clear people’s energy by creating a bubble out infront of you, putting everyone from the day in that bubble, and then blow up the bubble. This gives the person their energy back.
  4. If you could give any piece of life advice what would it be?
    If you don’t like how things are going, believe that you can change your perception and everything else will change.