Diana Christinson

"The Art of Loss & Love"


“To be loved is the greatest gift." – Diana Christinson

You know the moments that blindside you and put everything else into perspective? This week’s episode will change the way you think about everything as we discuss the meaning of our one and precious life with Diana Christinson. A yoga teacher for over 20 years and the founder of Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala, it was the loss of her husband just 48 days after his cancer diagnosis that truly showed Diana the importance of living a life of love and gratitude. She went on to found the Love BIG Project in his honor, to remind others just how short life is, and to inspire them to find gratitude and take advantage of every moment of it. Diana shares both the heart-wrenching difficulty and the bittersweet beauty of grief, along with perspectives from her personal experience on how to deal with it. She shares an extra special gratitude meditation with us at the end of the episode – we guarantee it will refresh the way you move throughout your day.

“When you take that last breath, what will really matter?” – Diana Christinson



  • One Precious Life Meditation


  1. Life Advice: Practice gratitude every day.
  2. Favorite Book: “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl
  3. Type of Meditation You Rely on the Most: Gratitude
  4. Current Obsession:Earthing” by Orber, Oschman, Sinatra, and Zucker


  1. Inspirational Teacher 
    Martin Luther King 
  2. Favorite Documentary or Movie
    What Dreams May Come
  3. Current Obsession 
    Omad Lifestyle
  4. Food, Drink, or Object you can’t live without 
    Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Type of Meditation you rely on most?
    Psychic Meditation which is energy tools, visual meditation which is also her personal practice
  2. Helpful tip for valuable meditation?
    Focus on your breath, take the pressure off yourself that you have to do it right. Keep showing up and try different meditation to find what works for you.
  3. Self-Care Hack? 
    I make sure to clear everyone out of my space every night and get out into nature. I clear people’s energy by creating a bubble out infront of you, putting everyone from the day in that bubble, and then blow up the bubble. This gives the person their energy back.
  4. If you could give any piece of life advice what would it be?
    If you don’t like how things are going, believe that you can change your perception and everything else will change.