Seane Corn

"DENtalks LIVE: Conspiracy Theories & Spirituality"


Too much is at stake right now for us to rest in our own spiritual practice and deny the pain and the suffering and the oppression that is alive and well in our world.” – Seane Corn

We are joined by world renowned yoga Instructor, activist, author and public speaker – Seane Corn – to discuss where the wellness industry fits into today’s world of conspiracy theories. We discuss everything from the intersection of yoga and activism, racism in America, how we must change internally and face our ancestral racism in order to make change in the world, the gifts Seane believes we are being given during this time, how our world is in a deep state of trauma, how we can heal our nation of these deep divides, the manipulation of Qanon, and so much more. Seane is known for taking a stand when it comes to social and political issues. She shares with us many practical ways we can take action and how we can approach conversations with friends or family about conspiracy theories. This conversation sheds light on so many deep seeded issues in America and we hope it helps you feel like you are not alone. We will get through this together.

We can’t expect the world around us to change if we don’t.” – Seane Corn


Seane Corn