Mariah K. Lyons

"Crystal Healing for Today’s World"


Crystals are helping us tune in to what we want to create moving forward.” – Mariah K. Lyons

We are delighted to bring on DEN Founding Teacher and our favorite crystal guru, Mariah K. Lyons, to DENtalks Podcast! Mariah is an Author, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Meditation Guide, Western Herbalist, and Founder of ASTARA, a luxury crystalline grounding footwear company. Mariah’s work bridges the world of spirit and matter as she is deeply dedicated to supporting the awakening of higher consciousness upon the planet – which we get into in this episode. In this episode, Mariah shares with us the different energies she has been tapping into today such as following the currents of life, having discernment, doing the work, being open to change and newness, and exploring what spirituality means in today’s age. We also discuss Mariah’s newly published book “Crystal Healing for Women” which provides rituals and practices for women. Mariah shares what crystals we all should be leaning on during election season, how she hopes we as a society can find a relationship between the divine feminine and divine masculine, and how now more than ever it is so important to reconnect with nature and the minerals. Be sure to stick to the end when Mariah leads us through a beautiful grounding alignment practice, which we all could use today on Election Day!

Growth and transformation happen when you’re able to shift, move, explore, and play rather than having a rigid view of life.” –Mariah K. Lyons


Mariah K. Lyons


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  1. What crystal are you sleeping with? I’ve been working a lot with himilyan quartz this year but I wouldn’t suggest sleeping with it. I like to keep it next to my bed to keep my space clear at night.
  2. Do you wear a crystal? Yes on my shoes with Astara!
  3. What’s one stone you always travel with? Selenite and Smokey Quartz
  4. Have you ever given a crystal away and regretted it? No, I’ve given them away and felt the pain in my heart but never regretted it.
  5. What crystal have you had the longest? My labradorite.