Patrice Washington

"Chasing Purpose not Money"


“I deserve to be wealthy because of the value I bring to others.” – Patrice Washington

You heard that right, DENtalks Podcast is taking a short summer hiatus but don’t worry we are leaving on a high note with this incredible episode with award-winning author and podcaster, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach, conscious media personality and overall badass boss babe, Patrice Washington. Patrice is a powerhouse. In 2020, SUCCESS Magazine named her one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development and it’s no surprise why. In this episode, Patrice walks us through her journey – from the highest highs to the lowest lows, she shares all the details. To say her story is inspiring is an understatement. If you are feeling lost and low in life, if you are suffering alone, if you need some motivation to get you back on your feet, look no further than this episode.

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“I do have a successful business but I’m not run by that business.” – Patrice Washington


Patrice Washington