A Biohackers Guide to Life

When not doing first hand research on innumerable bio-hacks, or teaching Kundalini yoga and meditation, Luke Storey interviews world-renowned guests and experts in their field on his podcast The Lifestylist. We get into it this episode, you may want a pen and paper at your side because Luke shares so many juicy takeaways about life, spirituality, and biohacking. We discuss ego, finance, spirituality, (and how they all tie together,) just how much being disconnected from nature is costing us, and the ongoing process of undoing everything we’ve been subconsciously programmed to do.

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DENtalks Live: Marianne Williamson

In this one of a kind conversation, Marianne Williamson sits with Tal to share wisdom on everything from pushing past our egos, to our handling relationships with others, and ultimately how to listen to your higher call from God. We dive into today’s current events and political divide, as Marianne gives us a sneak peek at her bid for office to come. Stay tuned for a 20 min deep meditation guided by the legend herself – you won’t want to miss it.

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The Golden Parachute

Meditation teacher, spiritual leader, and artist, Biet Simkin, believes that meditation should never be boring and creates a complete rock and roll experience through her art, music, and spiritual teachings. This woman has experienced more loss, addiction, and sadness than most ever will – but today, she sits before us glowing and happy. Not only does she openly share her past struggles, but we also talk about how you can actually stop your destructive path, how to believe in yourself, the act of surrender, and who we all actually are at the core.

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