Heather Prete

Who says holidays HAVE to be stressful? In this short Holiday Survival Guide BONUS episode – we are joined by DEN Senior Mindfulness Teacher, who you all know and love, Heather Prete. We were lucky enough to have so many of you send in questions and topics you’d like us to discuss, so the beauty of this episode is that it is all about YOU and we cover pretty much everything! Be sure to stay until the end as Heather shares a Self Compassion Body Scan which you can practice anytime.

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A Conscious Convo on Love

Today we have relationship guru & New York Times bestselling author – Katherine Woodward Thomas is the woman behind the book “Conscious Uncoupling” – made famous by the divorce of none other than Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Katherine was single and with just 8 months to her 42nd birthday, Katherine committed to being engaged by 42. Her success prompted her to share the power of manifestation in her acclaimed book, “Calling in the One.”

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DENtalks Live: Marianne Williamson

In this one of a kind conversation, Marianne Williamson sits with Tal to share wisdom on everything from pushing past our egos, to our handling relationships with others, and ultimately how to listen to your higher call from God. We dive into today’s current events and political divide, as Marianne gives us a sneak peek at her bid for office to come. Stay tuned for a 20 min deep meditation guided by the legend herself – you won’t want to miss it.

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Who Am I Without MS?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known for her role of Meadow on the Sopranos, joins Tal for a brave conversation about her struggle for positivity in her battle with MS, her refreshing take on death, and how finding a practice has shifted the energy in her life. Jamie is more than a “sick girl,” she is a courageous mother of two with great practical advice we could all use to check-in with ourselves when life gets rough.

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From Neo-Nazi to Enlightened Leader

Former neo-nazi leader turned global peace advocate, Christian Picciolini, joins DENtalks to share his inspirational story of leaving the violent hate movement he helped create, to becoming an Emmy Award winner for his “There is Life After Hate” peace campaign. This conversation with Christian touches on the importance of finding your identity, community and purpose.

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My Brain Tumor Shifted My Spirituality

Actress, Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why) joins DENtalks for a conversation on authenticity, turning 50, and how her brain tumor changed her life. Kate also shares her meditation journey has evolved over the years and helped her with everything from divorce to recovering from brain surgery.

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