Who Am I Without MS?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known for her role of Meadow on the Sopranos, joins Tal for a brave conversation about her struggle for positivity in her battle with MS, her refreshing take on death, and how finding a practice has shifted the energy in her life. Jamie is more than a “sick girl,” she is a courageous mother of two with great practical advice we could all use to check-in with ourselves when life gets rough.

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From Neo-Nazi to Enlightened Leader

Former neo-nazi leader turned global peace advocate, Christian Picciolini, joins DENtalks to share his inspirational story of leaving the violent hate movement he helped create, to becoming an Emmy Award winner for his “There is Life After Hate” peace campaign. This conversation with Christian touches on the importance of finding your identity, community and purpose.

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My Brain Tumor Shifted My Spirituality

Actress, Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why) joins DENtalks for a conversation on authenticity, turning 50, and how her brain tumor changed her life. Kate also shares her meditation journey has evolved over the years and helped her with everything from divorce to recovering from brain surgery.

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