Leading Lady of Yoga

This conversation goes deep, shedding light on the realities of society, with guidance on how to begin dismantling the systems that divide us by simply turning inward and doing the hard work itself. Seane shares how her upbringing led her to yoga, discovering God in the most unlikely of places (you won’t believe where), spiritual democracy, and personal stories that have shaped who she is and her yoga practice.

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How to Be Your Own Guru

This week, we bring together a diverse panel of change-makers who discuss how they’ve worked through questioning some of the systems and beliefs they’ve learned over time, and what it really means to be a continuous seeker of truth as your own guru. Join us in a discussion about how to take a critical look at some of the philosophies and expectations we sometimes take for granted, and how to ultimately make your own decisions, form your own belief systems instead, and BE YOUR OWN GURU.

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DENtalks Live: Marianne Williamson

In this one of a kind conversation, Marianne Williamson sits with Tal to share wisdom on everything from pushing past our egos, to our handling relationships with others, and ultimately how to listen to your higher call from God. We dive into today’s current events and political divide, as Marianne gives us a sneak peek at her bid for office to come. Stay tuned for a 20 min deep meditation guided by the legend herself – you won’t want to miss it.

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