Anxiety & Mental Health

The Hardest Role: Motherhood

DENtalks Podcast welcomes actress Jordana Brewster for a candid conversation about motherhood, the pressures of Hollywood, and how meditation has helped her move through her anxiety. The mother of two, and star of Lethal Weapon and The Fast and Furious movie series, digs deep into how finding a spiritual practice helped her quiet her thoughts and helped her navigate her career. She speaks honestly about how parenting threw her off her practice and yet became the biggest reminder of how essential it is to hers and her kids daily balance.

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Who Am I Without MS?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, best known for her role of Meadow on the Sopranos, joins Tal for a brave conversation about her struggle for positivity in her battle with MS, her refreshing take on death, and how finding a practice has shifted the energy in her life. Jamie is more than a “sick girl,” she is a courageous mother of two with great practical advice we could all use to check-in with ourselves when life gets rough.

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Obsessions Aside

We’re joined by actress, Amanda Seyfried, who has starred in Mean Girls, Mamma Mia, Big Love and so much more. Amanda opens up about her experience as a kid struggling with undiagnosed OCD, and shares her journey to accepting this and anxiety over time. The honest conversation reminds you to stay grounded and lose the fear of looking inwards to start making sense of life.

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