Ana Lilia

"Breathing To Heal"


“I try to always live my truth and honor what is right for me in the moment." – Ana Lilia

We are joined this week by Ana Lilia, a certified Breathwork Teacher and Intuitive Healer based out of Los Angeles. Ana is first generation Mexican and grew up with her family in Napa, CA. Ana shares how although they grew up in a beautiful idyllic town, her family life was difficult. Her father was an alcoholic and as the oldest of four girls, Ana took on a lot of responsibility at a young age. She shares very openly about the ups and downs of her childhood from being disappointed in her Catholic Church to how she would call on angels to help her to how anger was a very scary emotion for her.

After being let go from her job, Ana felt herself falling into total victim mode, but luckily, her healing journey was about to begin. Through a friend, she ended up experiencing her first healing which led her down a path of forgiveness and trauma work and eventually she found herself in her first breathwork class. The rest was history. She started practicing breathwork for herself and noticed HUGE shifts in her own life which led her to begin to hold space for others. Ana is here to remind us how powerful our breath is and how easily we can access it’s healing.

“When we do this work, our body knows how to take care of itself.” – Ana Lilia


Ana Lilia