Christina Lonsdale, Conceptual Artist

"Behind the Lens of Aura Photography"


“Your energy isn’t just stopping inside of you - it’s going outside of you." – Christina Lonsdale

On this week’s episode we are very excited to chat with New York-based conceptual artist, Christina Lonsdale. Christina is widely known for her work and has captured the auras of celebrities such as Chloe Sevigny, Gwenyth Paltrow, Busy Philips, and Zosia Mamet! She also just came out with her first book “Radiant Human” and is here to tell us all about it!

We start off discussing her unusual childhood growing up in a commune and what eventually led her to pursue her art. If you don’t know much about aura photography and how it works or what it looks like but want to know more, definitely tune into this episode! Christina explains all about capturing energy, how the camera works and what different colors and textures can mean. Because she considers herself an artist and not a healer, she uses her work as an opportunity to explain energy in new ways so that people can feel seen. We’ll also talk about how COVID-19 and this year heightened our awareness over things we can’t see, and how this paradigm shift can benefit us when it comes to changing our energy and how we influence our environment. Be sure to check out her website or instagram after the episode so you can see the magic for yourself!

“I don’t diagnose people, I don’t try to fix them, I’m here to capture them, I’m here to document the moment for them.” – Christina Lonsdale


Christina Lonsdale