Ashley River Brant

"Finding Sacred Rituals"


“As women we have this powerful connection to nature because of our natural rhythms." – Ashley River Brant

Joining us this week is multi-dimensional artist, energy healer, herbalist, and the creator of Soul Tattoo®, a ceremonial intuitive tattooing modality, Ashley River Brant! What an impressive intro right? But it doesn’t stop there, Ashley is the author of the forthcoming book, TENDING TO THE SACRED: Rituals to Connect with Earth, Spirit, and Self as well as a photographer, illustrator, and feminine healer. This episode is all about rituals – why they are important, what they are, and how they help us find our way home. We go on a journey with Ashley, exploring how she first discovered she was a medium and how she began her healing journey to creating Soul Tattoo, to her deep connection and relationship with nature. She shares that she found ritual through music, song, and meditation which allowed her to open her heart to be a pathway for her healing. We promise you will feel lighter and inspired after this episode. Ashley’s energy is radiant! Don’t miss it.

The most powerful thing we can do in our self care healing practices is to come home to ourselves.” – Ashley River Brant


Ashley River Brant