Angelique Cabral

"From Rejection to Master Manifestor"


“It was this thing that I needed. I needed to be alone, I needed to close my eyes, I needed to go within, I needed to figure it all out. Things become very clear to you when you’re meditating. When you take the time to be quiet, sit alone and go within, your world opens up and your able to burn through what we call Karma.” – Angelique Cabral

Angelique Cabral is not only the star of CBS’s comedy Life in Pieces, but a certified Kundalini yogi! She leads a magical conversation on her journey from a struggling actress, to digging deep and getting back to her true self. Angelique covers how to follow your instinct, manifest, find your center and stay true to yourself through it all.
“Manifestation isn’t just writing a note, making a wish and putting it in the fire hoping it happens. I put in the work and I show up. Hours, days, months of work. I keep this visualization around me all the time, I never stop thinking it, feeling it, imagining it and I am always in gratitude.” – Angelique Cabral



  • Intention-setting Kundalini exercise